Why are supermarkets preferred over small

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IELTS essay about supermarkets and small shops

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List of supermarket chains in the United States

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Oct 16,  · The prosperity of supermarkets is worldwide tendency. It can be explained with the process of globalization and, of course, with the benefits that large shops offer and their advantages over the small local shops. The first prerequisite for the success of supermarkets is that they support counties’ economy.

Big Box Stores Vs. Small Retailers

They provide. The supermarket is bigger than the corner shop and is better equipped. More people go to this kind of shop. Everybody is anonymous for the shop assistant and generally prices are lower. The competition of supermarkets is very good for customer.

But despite these advantages the supermarket has also got few disadvantages. A lot of products are not fresh.

May 06,  · The four reasons why supermarkets are losing money Selling food should be a simple business, but Britain's biggest supermarket chains are facing their biggest challenge for a generation. But over the past few years supermarket chains throughout the rich world have been investing more heavily in smaller stores.

In Britain, the floor area of the average store run by Sainsbury’s, a. That leaves Aldi and Lidl with sustainable competitive advantages (advantages gained by a firm over competitors through either a unique selling point or a cost-leadership) in terms of lower costs and prices, therefore, explaining why the big four supermarkets have been struggling to win their customers back over the medium-run period.

Why are supermarkets preferred over small
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