Offer constructive suggestions for own role in supporting planned learning activities

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AHP22 Contribute to the planning and evaluation of learning activities

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Roles of the teacher and teaching assistant in assessment of learners achievements Essay

Supports pupils in activities to develop their skills e.g. reading/ phonics/ handwriting/ spelling/ maths/play Offers the required types of support as and when needed by the pupils.

More Essay Examples on Education Rubric. The day to day planning and lesson plans are the main responsibilities of the class teacher, but feedback and input from the teaching assistant can help the teacher structure the planned lessons. Offer constructive suggestions to support learning activities.

Learn how to apply skills to monitor learner’s response in learning activities. Record observations and assessments of. CIAMSS recognizes the importance of students having the opportunity to reflect on their own individual learning and growth processes.

Planned time is structured into each course of study for this kind of reflection. required support for the planned learning activities, offer constructive and timely suggestions as to the support you can provide to a: planned learning activity ; P2: K1 the relationship between your own role and the role of the teacher within the learning environment.

Discussion. Students learn more when they are challenged by teachers who have high expectations for them, encourage them to identify problems, involve them in collaborative activities, and accelerate their learning (Burris & Welner, ).

Offer constructive suggestions for own role in supporting planned learning activities
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